Over time, the manufacturing process has transformed from a local industry into a highly automated and connected global operation.
However, as product lifecycles continue to shrink, manufacturing costs are surging and the industry faces numerous challenges including demand fluctuation, regulatory considerations, capacity underutilization and margin pressure.
Indus Valley helps manufacturers take the digital transformation journey, solving process challenges and enabling success through a combination of leading-edge technology and real-world expertise.

Assemble a more agile workforce.

As a manufacturing organization, you’re competing on a global scale. That means you need the ability—and the agility—to not only respond quickly to shifts in international markets, but to identify and mitigate potential risks even before you enter production.

A partnership with Modis can give you the agility you need to improve your speed to hire and scale your workforce at a moment’s notice. You’ll have access to our global network of over 18,000 specialists with cross-domain expertise in manufacturing engineering, industrialization support and supply chain management.

  • Indus Valley helps in redesigning partner experience in Industry 4.0
  • A well-defined partner strategy and engagement model can help drive enhanced customer experience and outcomes.

Our manufacturing clients rely on us for staffing services and solutions such as:

  • AutoCAD
  • Custom application development
  • Knowledgebase creation
  • MS Access
  • Oracle database support
  • SAS development
  • Siebel upgrades
  • Web-application development

Our specialists can mobilize rapidly to help your business optimize processes, reduce waste and create better products.

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