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  • Training tracks are:
  • Java and J2EE
  • Integration Tools - TIBCO, Web Methods, SAP XI
  • .NET
  • Business Analysis
  • SAP HR
  • Business Intelligence tools

starJava and J2EE :Iincludes Java, SOA, MDA, J2EE, App Servers, Struts, Development Tools, Design Patterns, SQL, PL/SQL
starstar.NET: Includes .NET Framework, IDE (Visual Studio.NET), CLS and CTS, CLR, XML, C#, VB, ASP.Net

Our Concept of Training
We require that all our IT professionals be certified in the chosen skills. We mentor you to get certified in the chosen career paths. Genuinely having a solid foundation and skills takes time and effort from both the trainee and the mentor. Our training typically lasts for at least 3 months.You are directed to acquire certifications in the required skills. Needless to mention, you will be well taken care of while getting trained.

How is our training?

Training from top notch mentors who have multiple years of experience

Worked with several clients and have great reviews

Mentors with extensive Project Management and innovative Product

Development experience (see below for details)

Domain knowledge in Energy and Trading sectors

Certification exams (when passed) PAID BY US

H1B processing PAID BY US

Accommodation PAID BY US

Transportation expenses

What does our training do to you?

CERTIFIED professional in the chosen skills

Solid foundation and EXPERTISE of the knowledge and tools in your field

Skilled to an extent that you are on par with some professionals who have had several years of experience in their respective fields.

(Some of our professionals being AWARDED by our clients stand as a testimony to this fact.) Will have a placement for JOB.

In house projects

Bluetooth Interoperability Testing (BT - IOT) An associate of NextGen Technologies, U.K.

Bluetooth Test Portal A complete J2EE based on-line Interoperability Database and Customer Web Interface to customers like Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo.

In house business and admin tools.