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Indus Valley Testing Services:

Indus Valley’s Software Testing Services implements a traditional methodology to establish a quality management program. We leverage the necessary tools and templates to quickly build the required capabilities. Our Testing Services are designed to be flexible, scalable and tailored to our clients’ development needs.

Our Services provide an interchangeable option that enables our clients to select a more robust approach or to simply choose and implement only the desired parts of the testing framework. Our comprehensive suite of tools and services can support a variety of business needs.

Indus Valley brings a testing approach that has been refined and proven in our nearly two decades of industry experience. Our approach is based on an iterative model with flexibility that has proven to be successful as it focuses on the activities required to build and deploy key capabilities. From small to large companies, our experienced testing professionals understand your industry and the needs of your business at every stage of your growth.

Indus Valley offers extensive experience and competencies in:

• Testing Execution and Delivery

• Requirements Engineering

• Testing Projects and Program Implementation

• Test Automation Tools

• Performance Testing

Indus Valley brings distinct advantages to our clients with our robust history of success in the testing area across various domains. Our clients will reap the benefits of working with an experienced team of professionals that know how to drive success.

Successful completion of testing is an important component of any project. Our holistic approach requires us to focus not only on the technical competencies, but also on the other disciplines required to drive success.