Indus Valley has partnered with some of the leading banks to help them go digital.

Customer Insights for Banking

Our banking solutions are designed to help banks extract very deep customer insight from their existing data.

Fraud Protection for Banking

Our solutions allow for a clear view of entities, relationships, hidden patterns, anti-money laundering and other various types o fraud before it occurs.

Risk Management

Our solutions provide powerful analytics engines and business solutions that help your company manage risks and address the ever growing regulatory compliance burden.

Amidst a global crisis, the role of financial enterprises is more vital than ever. Banks and financial markets have to reinvent themselves on the fly while implementing new government programs in weeks instead of years. Meanwhile,security and compliance mandates remain. To remain strong, the industry must digitize and modernize to help employees adjust to new ways of working. Enterprises need a partner they can trust, one with industry experts to help improve all aspects of banking and move to an efficient, secure and agile cloud.

Ominipresent Experiences
  • Chat bots, virtual assistants and robo-advisors
  • Product engineering of end consumer apps providing various financial tools
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality experiences
  • Frictionless mobile enabled pre-stage ATM transactions
  • Automatic branch check-in
  • Self-service biometrics enabled digital kiosks
  • Video conferencing with bank agents
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Automation
  • Robotic Process Automation – Payment exception, customer onboarding, borrower truth determination, fraud investigation, regulatory & compliance validations and enforcements, fund transfers etc.
  • Machine learning models for assessing credit risks, predicting investment performance, consumer behavioral analysis etc.
  • Customer support bots
  • e-loans and e-closures
  • Real time risk models
  • Blockchain-enabled smart contracts
Open Banking Ecosystem
  • Development of open banking API based extensible tools and services
  • Partnerships to form joint-IP development and contribution to fin-tech ecosystem
Cyber Security
  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Physical and behavioral biometrics
  • Password-less authentication (FIDO2 etc.)
  • Data privacy tools
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