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Indus Valley's Healthcare Consulting Practice:

The core administration system is the foundation of the payer business. Indus Valley offers healthcare consulting designed for payers of any size. Our healthcare consulting practice provides innovative services and solutions to improve processes, increase efficiency and support greater productivity.

• Facets™


• AMISYS Advance™

• NetworX™

• CareAdvance™

• ClaimsXten™ / ClaimCheck™

From the planning phase to the actual go-live, Indus Valley will leverage the experience it has gained from supporting nearly a decade of implementations and upgrades, so your organization can continue on the path to success.

Project Planning and Oversight:

Indus Valley’s healthcare Program/Project Management team will be working with key stakeholders within your organization to define the implementation strategy and project scope. Our focus will be on the execution, driving towards a timely and cost-effective project while reducing the overall impact to the business.


Indus Valley employs an iterative process for payer implementations and upgrades that allows for flexibility and leverages industry practices. Our practice includes the following:

• Business Analysis

• Configuration Design

• Custom Development (Interfaces and Extracts)

• EDI Transactions

• Business Intelligence and Reporting

• Testing (Functional, Automated, and Performance)